Forensic Interview

Using a child friendly approach, a trained social worker from Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital interviews children ages 3-18 to obtain information about the allegation of abuse. The interview is completed using the “Finding Words Child First” protocol, which uses open-ended questioning to obtain narrative responses from the child about their experiences.

During the interview, the Forensic Interviewer might ask the child to use anatomically detailed dolls for clarification and demonstration purposes. These dolls are not intended for play and are only used after a disclosure is made during the interview.

The interview is recorded using state-of-the-art equipment to allow medical providers, detectives, and child protective workers to observe the interview from a nearby room as it occurs. This minimizes the number of times a child has to tell his/her story and reduces the possibility of retraumitization.

There are 2 full time and 2 part-time Forensic Interviewers.

Forensic Interviews are conducted at the Yale Child Sexual Abuse Clinic located at:

One Long Wharf Drive, Suite 130
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 688-2392

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